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HPE II BARCOL – Digital Durometer Hardness Tester

HPE II BARCOL – Digital Durometer Hardness Tester

HPE II Barcol – Digital durometer hardness tester | Hardness testing instrument
Barcol’s measurement model applies to more rigid objects such as fiberglass, reinforced plastics, thermoplastic, or aluminum alloys. The handheld digital durometer hardness tester is used for measurements in a non-laboratory setting, and about 0.6kg of weight makes it easier to carry around.


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  • DAkkS/DKD Calibration Certificate - Bareiss North AmericaDAkkS/DKD Calibration Certificate
    When a measuring instrument is being calibrated, the given deviation is determined by various measurements versus standard references. A calibration certificate is then issued indicating the measuring results and the corresponding measurement uncertainties and the instrument is marked as calibrated. All documents together with the calibration certificate provide traceability of national standards.
    DAkkS/DKD calibration certificate - Sample
    Reference Plate Barcol - Bareiss North AmericaReference Plate Barcol
    Standard block is used to ensure the metrological capability of the measuring device during the frequency of recalibration. The rubber blocks are embedded in a holder made of stainless steel. Scope of delivery: single block, incl. DAkkS/DKD certificate
    Test stand for Barcol Tester - Bareiss North AmericaTest stand for Barcol Tester
    The Bareiss test stand is determined for  series of measurements and serves for Barcol Tester. The pick-up device allows a quick and easy  fixation of the hardness testers.