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Automatic Capsule Hardness Tester – GELOMAT

Automatic Capsule Hardness Tester – GELOMAT

Digi test II Gelomat is a capsule hardness tester developed specifically for soft capsules:
digitest II-Gelomat is an innovative testing device that was developed by Bareiss for the assured
quality control on gelatin capsules.

Range of application: Modular and digital hardness testing system for hardness determination
on soft elastic materials e.g. gelatin, gelatin capsules, plasticine etc.
Two pressure application options are available, 0-2 N or 0-20 N, which can be easily replaced as

Gelatin capsules positioning devices:
Bareiss can customize different holding discs based on the shape, dimension and quantity of
gelatin capsules being tested.


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  • Centrofix for Digi Test Gelomat - Bareiss North AmericaCentrofix for Digi Test Gelomat
    For the exact centering of gelatin capsules
    Hardest the test and evaluation software program - Bareiss North AmericaHardtest – the test – and evaluation software program
    Applicable for all electronic Bareiss testing devices with a serial interface. The programme contains all functions which are necessary for a faultless processSoftware-Documentation
    Works Calibration Certificate Gelomat - Bareiss North AmericaWorks Calibration Certificate Gelomat
    Works Calibration Certificate for Gelomat