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GELOMAT – Automatic Capsule Hardness Tester

Product Information:

Capsule Hardness Tester – digi test II Gelomat
The Bareiss digi test II Gelomat is a fully automatic and modular digital hardness tester commonly used by many of the leading pharmaceutical vitamin and even paintball companies around the world. In today’s increasingly interconnected and highly regulated global markets, adherence to ‘critical-to-quality’ attributes is required to deliver best-in-class products. To prevent defective capsules from reaching the market, these companies are relying on our capsule hardness tester digi test II Gelomat to apply a compressive force to the gelatin capsules to confirm they have sufficient wall strength to withstand external forces during manufacturing, storage, packaging, transport, and finally when used by a consumer.

Features and Benefits:

1) User-Friendly: This automatic shore hardness tester is equipped with an electronic unit that can show user information, time, and method of measurement, and is equipped with various other configurations along with automatic measurement of time and range detection.

2) Mechanism: The measuring devices (0-20N & 0-2N) have an easy plug-and-play solution with no complex mechanism. The measuring devices can easily be fastened by hand using the knurled nut and the electronic unit can easily detect the device once it is set up.

3) Complexity: Gelatin capsules of different shapes can easily be tested using different manual & automatic fixtures.

4) It is FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant and comes with a 3-Q validation report ready as requested by customers.

Operating Procedure:

1) The electronic unit is switched on and the additional weights are loaded on the pickup bracket for the measuring load of range 0-20 N and no additional load is required for the measuring load of 0-2N.

2) For Gelatin capsules centrofix fixture is used on the supporting table. Care must be taken to align the centrofix parallel to pick up bracket which is tightened with the help of knurled screws.

3) The distance between the indenter and the centrofix should be adjusted up to 10 mm by loosening the clamping lever of the pickup bracket and pushing down carefully unit this distance is reached.

4) The counter nut is loosened, and the knurled nut is rotated until the indenter is in the center of the template.

5) The measurement is started by pressing the ‘Start’ button on the electronic unit and the measuring device is lowered onto the capsule automatically.

6) After reaching the activated lift the measuring device moves back to its initial position. The recommended lift is 2.0 mm.

7) The measured value is shown on the display and is transferred via the interface at the same time.

Technical Data

Power supply100-240VAC; 50/60 Hz
Fuse2 pieces of fine fuses 3.15 A slow (3.15 AT)
Power consumptionMax. 20VA
Kind of protectionIP 20
DisplayLCD – graphical display (240*128 Pixel) with LED
Resolution 0.1
Lift0.1 - 9.9 mm
Data outputUSB/ RS 232- 9600 Baud, 1 start bit, 8 Data bits, 1 Stop bit
ConnectionsPick-up bracket with measuring device
Dimensions (L*W*H), weightTest stand: 200*250*535 mm9.0 kgs
Pick-up bracket: 165*135*60 mm3.0 kgs
Measuring device: 160*100*140 mm1.7 kgs
Electronic Unit: 258*260*100 mm2.0 kgs

Basic equipment

Electronic unit, Test stand, pick up bracket/ loading unit and measuring heads (0-20N or 0-2N)


Bareiss Standard

ISO/17025 Accredited Calibration Certificate

Official ISO/17025 accredited calibration certificate is available

Range of Application

Test MethodRange of ApplicationLiftIndenter Mode
 Gelomat(0-20 N) Determination of material hardening on gelatin capsules and elasticity2 mmØ 10 mmStandard Charge
curve Flow
curve Peak
 Gelomat(0-2 N)Determination of gel stability and gel capacity, agar-agar2 mmsurface:
10 mm2 = Ø 3,75 mm
Standard Charge
curve Flow
curve Peak
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