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Advanced Material Testing Instruments

Measure the quality of materials with us. Bareiss offers a comprehensive range of advanced material testing equipment. At Bareiss, we develop, manufacture, and sell material testing equipment for measuring the hardness of rubber, plastics, and flexible materials in the pharmaceutical, food, and elastomer industries

Pharma Testing Instruments

Bareiss is committed to Pharma testing instruments. Our Pharmaceutical testing equipment performs hardness testing and strength testing on flexible materials such as gelatin, gel cultures, gelatin capsules & more. In addition, our testing machines ensure product quality to withstand mechanical stress during various conditions such as storage, packaging & handling.

Plastics & Elastomers Testing

Bareiss recognized as a leader in the rubber testing industry. We engineer & manufacture in-house the highest quality hardness testing equipment for rubber, plastics & flexible materials. We have played a key role in shaping the history of rubber hardness testing; thus & our plastic hardness testing equipment & rubber hardness testing devices are in demand worldwide.

Food Testing Instruments

At Bareiss, we love food and understand the value of quality control for your food business. Our food firmness testing instruments non-destructively ensure product quality of fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, tofu, and more, thus helping reduce food waste. In the food industry, our fruit firmness testing equipment suits businesses serious about their quality control procedures.


RPA Ultra New

The ultimate rheometer for rubber compounds

With full rotation, the RPA ultra offers completely new possibilities at high shear rates right into the extrusion area.

RPA Ultra New - The ultimate rheometer for rubber compounds

Materials Testing Equipment you can Trust

You can count on Bareiss’ materials testing instruments to achieve absolute precision. Our reliable, sophisticated, and interactive testing equipment performs accurate test results in all test environments, thus helping you maintain product quality.

3 Years Warranty

Certified Material Testing Instruments

In 1996, Bareiss accredited as the first DKD calibration laboratory in Europe. As a DAkkS calibration laboratory according to DIN EN ISO|IEC 17025, our testing instruments are certified & backed by services that you can count on.

DAkkS - Certified Material Testing Instruments | DAkkS-ISO/17025 Calibration since 1996
Material Testing Solutions Since 1954

Material Testing Solutions Since 1954

For over 70 years, Bareiss testing equipment has been helping customers by fulfilling their material testing needs. We have years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to assist you with the best material testing solutions.

Elastomer Testing Achievement

Our role in the history of rubber testing is indelible. We engineer, manufacture & sell the premium-quality rubber testing instruments; this is one of the reasons why our rubber testing devices are in demand & we are recognized worldwide.

Elastomer Testing Achievement

Our Testing Instruments Manufacturing Processes

Discover our attention to detail, technologies and processes, passion, and commitment to manufacture premium-quality materials testing equipment. Our products offer accurate precision and guarantee to get you the results you want

Committed to Environment | material testing instruments

Committed to Environment

Bareiss engineer and manufacture all the testing devices in-house for hardness measurement on rubber, plastics, and flexible materials. We are committed to the environment. Bareiss fulfills the defined requirements presented to us in the form of customer specifications, rules, or other regulations. Therefore, our management system is certified by TÜV Süd based on DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. Environmental protection plays a pivotal role in our company. However, every employee bears responsibility for it. Bareiss is committed to eco-friendly manufacturing processes, thus passing on a healthy planet to the future generations.

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