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The Digi Chamber hardness testing of elastomeric materials under temperature influence.: The revolutionary digiChamber consists of a digi test II hardness tester and a temperature chamber which allows tests to be carried out at above or below ambient temperature. With the function of temperature control, the specimen can be examined of its hardness changes in extreme temperature conditions. This kind of test is ideal for automobile and tire industries as most of the rubber parts are required to sustain critical temperature changes. The entire system can be controlled by a touch panel with colored display providing easy-to-use feature. The electronic unit provides parameter adjustments for dwell time, heating period and different test runs. Routine tests are carried out automatically.

Ranges of application

  • Shore/IRHD hardness test methods on elastomeric
  • materials under temperature influence
  • temperature range from – 70 ºC to 200 ºC
  • custom configuration of the chamber according to requirements
  • rotating table for 25 samples with diameter of 29 mm
  • for each sample (customized rotating table to suit different sample sizes)

DigiChamber works according to the standard DIN 53505.


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  • DAkkS/DKD Calibration Certificate - Bareiss North AmericaDAkkS/DKD Calibration Certificate
    When a measuring instrument is being calibrated, the given deviation is determined by various measurements versus standard references. A calibration certificate is then issued indicating the measuring results and the corresponding measurement uncertainties and the instrument is marked as calibrated.All documents together with the calibration certificate provide traceability of national standards.
    DAkkS/DKD calibration certificate - Sample