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HPE III Fff – Fruit Firmness Tester – Food Hardness Tester

Product Information:

Fruit Hardness Tester – Fruit Penetrometer or Food Hardness Testing Instruments

The Bareiss Food Hardness Tester – HPE III Fff fruit penetrometer is used for non-destructive hardness testing of fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish. This food hardness tester consists of interchangeable test anvils according to different fruits and vegetables that are to be measured in a non-destructive way unlike the fruit penetrometer. Our digital durometer plays a very important role in determining the quality of the fruit so the sellers can ensure the perfect ripeness when it becomes available to the consumers. The special spring-loaded outer sleeve helps in maintaining the correct pressure to attain repeatable, accurate results.

3 Years Warranty

  • Fruit Hardness Tester – Fruit Penetrometer

Fruit Hardness Tester – HPE III Fff

Product features and benefits

1) User Friendly: The yielding of the surface at a given contact force and defined measuring distance are displayed. The measured values are not a force unit but a quotient.

2) Large display: This fruit texture analyzer has a large display of 102 x 64 pixels making it easy for an operator to see the readings. The screen is subdivided into general data information, the main field for measurement results on the test sample and the navigation bar+ charge status of the battery.

3) Interchangeable test anvils: The operator can choose the test anvil according to the fruit or vegetables being tested.

4) Non-Destructive method: The method used for testing the sample is non-destructive, therefore does not damage the fruit or vegetable. The test anvil does not penetrate the fruit peel, whereas the penetrometer damages the fruit to obtain a firmness measurement. Many vendors are still wasting tons of food annually and unfortunately, it is negatively impacting the end consumers. The Bareiss digital firmness analyzer is replacing penetrometers all over the World and providing real cost saving advantages to growers, packers, retailers, and consumers.

5) Data storage: This type of fruit penetrometer uses a shore hardness scale, has the capacity to store up to 300 measured values and has a serial interface. The USB cable is used to transfer the measured values to a PC.

6) Handgrip: This digital fruit hardness tester consists of a patented handgrip for achieving the correct measuring angle and pressure. The body of this digital durometer is made up of an aluminum alloy which provides a light and robust design.

7) Error indication: The device gives an error beep if the procedure is interrupted.

Operating Procedure:

1) Switch on the measuring device and press the hull or sleeve against the specimen so that the contact surface of the pressure plate rests on the fruit. Make sure the pressure applied to the fruit is sufficient, but not so much that damage is done to the fruit when the hull is pressed down.

2) Results obtained are more reliable if the surface of the fruit skin or peel is even.

3) The measuring time begins as soon as the durometer is placed on the sample. The display flashes during measurement.

4) The measuring device is held on the fruit until the beep is heard. The measured value is recorded.


Test Anvils Applicable measuring methods
Cylinder 0.10 cm2 Plums, Damsons, Apricots, Peaches
Cylinder 0.25 cm2 Tomatoes, Grapes, Eggplant, Cherries, Melons, Blueberries
Cylinder 0.5 cm2 Strawberries, Watermelon, Broccoli, Meat, Tofu
Sphere Ø 2.5 mm Cucumber, Radish, Carrot, Kohlrabi, Zucchini, Onion (firm)
Sphere Ø 5.0 mm Avocados, Apples, Pears, Cucumbers, Oranges, Peppers, Papayas, Melons, Mangoes, Citrus fruits, Onion(soft)
Spherical segment r= 6.3mm Cooked Potatoes, Bananas, Smoked Fish

Package content kit

Digital Fruit Hardness Tester, USB output cable, and power adapter in a foam fitted hard carrying case. One test anvil of the customer’s choice is included, and the rest are sold separately.

Factory calibration certificate

Works-calibration certificate for this Fruit texture analyzer is available upon request

Software Available

BareissOne for data logging and analysis is available upon request

Specifications and Technical Data

Ingress Protection IP 50
Display accuracy ± 0.5 Fff
Resolution 0.1 Fff
USB Power Supply
Output 5 VDC 1000 mA
Input 100- 240 VAC 50/60 Hz 150 mA
Communication Interface
Data output RS232
Charging cable/ communication line RS232/ USB- Converter
Graphic display 102 * 64 PIXEL
Dimensions (H*W*T) weights
Measuring devices 160 x 70 x 40 mm 0.37 kgs
Case 240 x 210 x 55 mm 0.5 kg
Fruit Hardness Tester – Fruit Penetrometer - size and weight info
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