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Rockwell Tester – 3106

Rockwell Tester – 3106

Rockwell Hardness Tester – 3106 Testing Device– is a comprehensive hardness tester with high precision. The product is simple to operate and adopts the traditional weight loading method. The most well-known function of 3106 is to measure the hardness of Ball Indentation plastic test, which has been widely used by Volkswagen and other German auto manufacturers. In addition, by upgrading the software and replacing some accessories, Rockwell hardness tester – 3106 can meet the following standards listed below in our applications section.

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  • DIN 1996-13 – tar hardness indentation test
    DIN EN ISO 2039-1 – indentation test for hardness of plastic material
    ASTM E 18 – metal hardness test
    DIN EN 10109-1- rockwell hardness test for metals and plastics
    DIN EN 13279-1 – construction gypsum hardness test
    DIN EN 433 – resilient flooring
    Hardness measurement of DIN 51917- rockwell carbon object
    ASTM D 785 – hardness test for plastics
    ASTM F 36-99 – oil seal hardness measurements

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