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HPE II – PUSEY & JONES TESTER | Rubber Roller Hardness Tester

Product Information:

Hardness Tester | Paper Drum Tester | Rubber Roller Hardness Tester

Discover the HPE II Pusey & Jones digital hardness tester, paper drum tester and rubber roller hardness tester – the go-to solution for the paper and rubber industries. This rubber hardness tester’s unparalleled testing ability enables the measurement of hardness for curved shaped and cylindrical specimens, making it a preferred choice among rubber and paper industry professionals. With the rubber hardness tester’s integrated test stand and adjustable base, the HPE II provides accurate and precise measurements of hardness. Additionally, this rubber hardness tester’s remarkable memory can store up to 300 measured values, ensuring seamless tracking and analysis of testing data. Trust in the HPE II Pusey & Jones digital hardness tester for exceptional performance and reliable results on rubber & elastomer materials e.g. rubber rollers, standard blocks made of rubber and paper rollers.

3 Years Warranty

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Features and Benefits:

1) With an internal memory capable of recording up to 300 measured values and an RS-232 interface for effortless exportation, managing testing data has never been easier.

2) Easily test the hardness of circular or curved shaped materials with ease, thanks to its versatile design.

3) Experience unparalleled flexibility and precision during testing, ensuring consistent and accurate results.

4) Achieve remarkable stability during testing with its strategically placed weight, resulting in more reliable and consistent measurements.

5) Enjoy ultimate convenience with its user-friendly interface and compact size, making it easy to transport to various testing sites. Especially useful in the paper and rubber industries, where it’s primarily used to test paper drums and rubber rollers.

Operating Procedure:

1) Ensure the loading lever is pointing upwards, and the indenter is hanging freely for accurate testing.

2) When testing drums and rollers, place the device on the specimen and ensure the bubble level is precisely centered.

3) Activate the device with a simple press of the ON/OFF ZERO-key.

4) To lower the testing device onto the specimen, rotate the set screw to the user’s right position until the display reads “300”.

5) A signal will indicate when the measurement begins, and the loading lever should be rotated until it stops. The display will then show the remaining time in 10-second increments.

6) Once the measuring time has elapsed, a sound signal will indicate that the measurement is complete, and the value will be displayed.

7) To finish, rotate the loading lever to the top position until it stops, then lift the device from the specimen by rotating the screw to the user’s left position until the display reads “0M”.

Technical Data

Test method Loading weight Indenter(mm) Measuring distance (mm) Range of reading
Pusey & Jones 1000 g Ball Ø 3,175 3 0-300
1 Pusey & Jones-value ≙ 0,01 mm
power supply Lithium-Battery 3,6 V: Size ½ AA
operation period approx. 2000 hours
kind of protection IP 30
resolution 1 Pusey & Jones
measuring range Pusey & Jones
interface RS 232 - 9600 Baud, 1 Start bit, 8 Date bits, 1 Stop bit
capacity of memory 300 measured values
testing device dimensions (L*W*H), weight 250*90*130 mm, 3.3 kg
transport case dimensions (L*W*H), weight 240*210*55 mm, 0.5 kg

Ranges of application

Test method Range of applications Standards
Pusey & Jones Rubber & rubber like materials,
rubber drums of paper industry
minimum Ø 150 mm
ISO 7267-3
ASTM D 531 Thick x Long x Width
min. 13 x 30 x 75 mm

Basic equipment

Knurled nut, Weight, Transport protection, Loading lever, Indenter


ISO 7267-3, ASTM D 531

ISO/17025 Accredited Calibration Certificate

Official DAKKS / DKD-calibration certificate for testing device & calibration certificate for indenter Pusey & Jones


HPE II Pusey & Jones - Size and Weight
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