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Punching Press SP1000/SP4000 | Rubber Sample Cutter

Punching Press SP1000/SP4000 | Rubber Sample Cutter

The SP1000 sample cutter can cut out round, column, dumbbell, or other elastic object samples with precision according to each standard. The cutting module can be adjusted in height to increase the cutting space between the section and the pedestal. The body of the product is made of light and strong aluminum alloy.

The SP4000 is a multi-design rubber sample cutter, which is suitable for multi-quantity rubber cutting requirements. With our 360 ° rotating spindle there is rarely a need to change the cutter . In addition, the outer ring cutter and the inner ring cutter can be respectively installed in different cutting die sets when hollow ring type samples are cut. In addition, the rotating function in this rubber sample cutter allows the sample to cut the outer ring before accurately cutting the inner ring.

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    Punching press for production of ring shaped, bar shaped and other shaped specimens from elastomers acc. to the standards, mentioned below   


    DIN 53504, ISO 34, ISO 37, ISO 178, ISO 179, ISO 180, ISO 527, ISO 816, ISO 1798, ISO 3167, ISO 8067, ISO 8256, ASTM D 412, ASTM D 624, ASTM D 638, ASTM D 882, ASTM D 1822, ASTM D 3574