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BAROFIX 4 – The automatic O-ring positioning device for digi test II
The Barofix 4 is the next generation of high-accuracy specimen positioning device which is designed as an add-on accessory for the Bareiss flagship hardness testing system the digi test II. Specifically designed for small O-rings and other plane parallel rubber specimens which are known for their challenging measuring locations, the Barofix 4 offers a range of impressive features to overcome those challenges.

In particular, its ability to automatically adjust and locate the precise midpoint of the specimen, addressing a common concern in achieving accurate measurements. This breakthrough technology significantly reduces the chance of users’ errors and increases usage efficiency. Users may also choose between single or double-point measurements as well as thickness measurement. Installing the Barofix 4 is a hassle-free experience, requiring no tools or any skills. Simply place it over the table of the digi test II and securely tighten the screws to fix it in place. This convenient solution provides users with peace of mind during testing operations.


3 Years Warranty



1) Choose between single and double-point measurements: Users can choose between single and double-point measurements by adjusting the settings on the DTE II control console. With a simple configuration, measurements can be set to occur on either one side or both sides of the O-ring.

2) Experience a hassle-free adjustment procedure: When changing the measuring device, it is necessary to adjust the distance between the tip of the indenter and the laser beam. With the Barofix 4, this adjustment can be automated, significantly reducing the potential for human errors.

3) High accuracy laser:  A high accuracy laser is incorporated to define the correct measuring location of the specimen

4) Thickness measurement: The Barofix 4 includes an additional feature that aids the digi test 2 in measuring the distance between the table surface and the specimen surface. This distance is specifically interpreted as the height or thickness of the specimen.

5) One-button push operation: The Barofix 4 is designed in a way to streamline operations, improve efficiency and minimize the potential for user errors. By simplifying complex functionalities behind a single button, users can initiate actions without the need to perform each step individually and manually.

Technical Specifications

MeasurementsW x D x H: 310 x 144 x 204 mm
Weightca. 3300 g
Repeatability thickness measurement0,03 mm
Thickness measurement resolution0,01 mm
Table positioning accuracy0,08 mm
O-ring cord from/to1 - 15 mm

Scope of Delivery

Positioning device Barofix 4
Connecting cable
Transport case
Operating instructions
3 x Thumb screws, 2 x Allen keys, 1 x wrench
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