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Oliver Wirth (center), CEO of Bareiss Prufgeratebau GmbH, is flanked by Managers Greg Skory (left), and Umair Waheed on the right.They were at the Bareiss booth at the recent International Elastomer Conference in Pittsburgh.
Having been in the materials testing business since 1954, it was no surprise to the Rubber Industry that Bareiss first introduced a new version of a Rubber Process Analyzer instrument in Pittsburgh , PA at the International Elastomer Conference.
Pushing the testing boundaries to an unrivaled level, the Bareiss RPA Ultra can run isothermal and non-isothermal time test, stress relaxation, frequency sweep, strain sweep and temperature sweep ! We were proud to tell our visitors that our RPA Ultra is the world’s first rotational closed cavity rheometer with unlimited oscillation strain. It is not only capable of running oscillatory  testing at broader frequency range (10-3 Hz till 102 Hz) and strain range (unlimited strain LAOS). Our RPA Ultra is also capable of running a steady shear test in full rotation from 10-3 s-1 till 500 s-1 of shear rate. This breakthrough technology is unlike any commercially available RPA on the market today.
The RPA Ultra was not the only instrument getting all of the attention at this show. Plenty of industry leaders stopped by for live demonstrations of our digi test II all in one hardness tester that covers the full range of Shore and IRHD test methods . Check out the E-catalog section to learn more about it all of our state of the art testing instruments.