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Rubber Hardness Testing Equipment

For over 65 years, Bareiss has shaped the development of hardness testing on plastics and flexible materials, with innovation and progress. Our Evergreen HP analog durometer is built almost unchanged from the original model, which was developed in 1954. With over a quarter of a million units sold around the world; this hardness tester is the most widely used rubber testing equipment of all. We offer a selection of accessories like test stands, timing control and safety stops, or specialty hardness testing equipment for the pharmaceutical and food industries.

With the handheld digital hardness tester HPE III, you can effortlessly measure Shore hardness levels on flexible materials, polymers, and composite materials. Its sophisticated functions ensure a correct measuring process, offering protection against operating errors. Thanks to the functional handgrip with an integrated compression sleeve, the hardness tester can be reliably guided and placed on the specimen with standard-compliant contact pressure. During the hardness measuring, the HPE III registers humidity, environmental and sample temperature, as well as the date and time. After the specified measuring time has elapsed, it will notify the user of the successful measuring with an acoustic signal. All the measurement data is then shown on the illuminated display, and it can be conveniently exported in various formats, using the RS232/USB cable, delivered with the purchased product.

The unique digi test II hardness testing equipment and its predecessors have been impressing the world since 1972, with their modular design and facile operation. Whether a standard specimen or a thin-walled specimen – the digi test II offers a suitable hardness testing solution for any kind of specimen. For more than 45 years, the Bareiss’s hardness testing technologies have gained the Industry’s attention with its interchangeable probe system for hardness testing of different elastic materials and shapes. The specimen preparation and positioning are equally important. Therefore, Bareiss offers a wide selection of off-the-shelf sample fixtures as well as custom solutions. With the digi test II you will benefit from the most flexible hardness testing device worldwide. Whether small samples or complicated geometries – we develop the right solution for you and match the test device to your automation needs.

Today, both in the field of rubber and plastic production, as well as in the one of quality control, we are seeing a move towards performing hardness tests on finished parts instead of standard samples. The digi test II is completely automatized and thus it is operator-independent to a large extent. The measuring devices are used to determine the hardness of elastic materials, polymers, and elastomers. Bareiss offers a wide range of rubber testing instruments, shore durometers including hardness testing equipment in North America.

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