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Bareiss – Your Partner in Rubber Materials Testing

Bareiss – Your Partner in Rubber Materials Testing

Bareiss started serving rubber material testing industry in 1954 and has been committed to precision and excellence ever since.


Rubber Materials Testing Experts

Bareiss is considered a reliable name when it comes to the quality and reliability of rubber materials testing instruments in the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

A fundamental requirement for achieving reliable test results in rubber materials testing is the perfect interaction between the testing machine and its components. Bareiss produces a variety of rubber material testing instruments that are versatile in their uses and applications and, if required, can be non-destructive to the items being tested. Quality has always been one of the most essential pillars of Bareiss. All products are handmade at their newly opened, state-of-the-art production building in Oberdischingen, Germany – there is no subcontracting in any of the manufacturing processes of Bareiss products. Even raw materials brought into the production building are machined in-house.


Trusted by:

As a global leader in the rubber materials testing industry, the world’s top-notch corporations consider Bareiss a trusted partner for reliable test results.

Some of the well-known Bareiss customers include Proctor & Gamble (pharmaceuticals); Adidas (manufacturer of athletic wear); Pirelli and Goodyear (tire manufacturers); Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and Infineon (electronic/semiconductor industries); and BMW, Porsche, Suzuki, Audi, and Rolls-Royce (automobile manufacturers).


Extensive Range of Rubber Materials Testing Instruments

Bareiss offers a wide range of rubber materials testing instruments. Whether you are looking for capsule hardness tester, food hardness testers, shore durometer hardness testers, IRHD hardness testers, VLRH hardness testers, DIN or metal hardness tests, rebound testing, automatic detection, or visual inspection, with our dependable instruments you can perform seamless testing and get the results you want.


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Serving a Wide Range of Industries

Over the years, Bareiss has served various industries such as automotive, food, pharma, plastics and elastomer testing, paper and textiles, foam, mattress, ceramic defense, and aerospace. Trust Bareiss as your reliable partner in rubber materials testing. Since 1954, we are committed to offer you a reliable testing environment; our material testing instruments bring accuracy and precision to your test results.


Our Services Include

Calibration Services:
DAkkS-ISO/17025 Calibration since 1996

DAkkS - Certified Material Testing Instruments

Bareiss, as an official DAkkS -calibration laboratory, can perform calibration services on a wide range of material testing instruments on-premises and in the field and issue the official calibration certificates for them. The DAkkS -calibration certificates are proof of traceability of national standards as required by DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025.


Product Leasing:

It is sometimes difficult to be without your testing instrument while servicing; therefore, we offer weekly, monthly, or short-term rental services.

Bareiss Material Testing Products

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Sample Testing Service:

Bareiss offers a comprehensive range of physical testing on your samples to assist you with choosing the test instrument that best suits your needs. Results are provided to you in a detailed test report.

Sample Testing Service

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