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Bareiss Celebrates A Business Open House On July 17th, 2022

It has been close to 30 years since Bareiss Prüfgerätebau GmbH opened their doors to the Public and a lot has changed since then. For starters, the 3rd generation owners, Katrin Shen and Oliver Wirth realized that so many of their fellow community residents had never set foot on the grounds of their company and most likely had no clue what happens there behind closed doors. Well that all changed on July 17th , 2022 when these owners, their families, employees and International visitors, opened the doors and welcomed the public.

For so many years ( 68 in fact ), Bareiss has been a pillar to the community of Oberdischingen, where people have witnessed a buzz of activity for some time. Bareiss built a new state of the art factory and modern new offices with earth friendly solar panels and the most efficient ventilation / air conditioning units to show their commitment to being environmentally responsible. To help our visitors navigate their way through our facility, we created information boards that talked about the history of our company,

provided explanations about hardness testing ,created a show & tell display of some of our instruments, and to show how our customers use them. We had trained staff answering questions all day and our trainees were also on-hand to talk to students about future opportunities for anyone interested in becoming a trainee themself with Bareiss.

Bareiss trained personel engaging with visitors to show them about how we manufacture inside our plant.

A helpful information board that explains  some facts and figures surrounding the nature of our Global enterprise.

One can always count on smiling faces coming from our enthusiastic trainees. Another reason to think about working for Bareiss one day!

Visitors enjoying the visual presentation to show how our test instruments are used in every day products like cosmetics, fruits and vegetable

This information board shows the global expansion that has taken place around the world from the time Bareiss was created.

Bareiss Shanghai Ltd. was  the first branch location opened up outside of Oberdischingen.

As the company continued to strive for faster customer service, Bareiss North America was founded in Toronto, Canada.

Bareiss Taiwan Technology Co., LTD is the anchor for all of the company’s software developments.

As news of our Business Open House spread throughout the surrounding communities, we were not disappointed with by the overwhelming turnout when we welcomed more than 700 visitors on this day.

We were also delighted to welcome retired members from our business, some as young as 86 and 91 . As they were amongst some of the first employees hired by Heinrich Bareiss – our founder. You can imagine some of the stories they had to tell !

The local music orchestra provided wonderful concert music for the crowds and prepared many of our favorite traditional dishes like Schnitzel and Braten mit Spätzle.

For this special day we have removed the containers (for metal waste) and the orchestra put a mobile kitchen inside. They prepared around 400 dishes plus around 100 Bratwurst.

We would like to thank all of our visitors who took an interest in Bareiss to enjoy a day with us and also thank Jun for joining us all the way from Taiwan with his best wishes for Peace around the World ! We are grateful to all of our employees who worked so hard to make this Open House a huge success and we need to finally thank the Oberdischingen Red Cross and Firefighter emergency crew who kept us safe that day.