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digi test ll – Automatic Shore Hardness Tester

In the rubber industry, hardness testing is crucial to ensure the material meets the required specifications and will perform effectively in its intended application. Hardness is one of the most important properties that determine the suitability of any rubber component for its intended use. The hardness testers are widely used in the rubber and plastic industry, from manufacturing to quality control procedures. The Rubber & Plastics market in the United States is projected to grow by 3.62% (2024-2028), resulting in a market volume of US$164.50bn in 2028.1 This will surely increase the demand for hardness testers. The question arises: How can we select the appropriate hardness tester that complies with a required standard? Choosing the proper hardness tester depends on the standards you follow to determine hardness values. Various international standards, such as DIN ISO 7619, ASTM D 2240, DIN EN ISO 868, DIN ISO 48, and ASTM D 1415, offer specific guidelines for hardness testing of different materials.


💡 Hardness is one of the most widely measured properties used to characterize rubber. Two scales, the IRHD scale and the SHORE scale, are used worldwide.


At Bareiss, we’re committed to helping you enhance your product quality with our advanced material testing solutions. Our top-notch shore hardness testing instrument, the highly intelligent digi test ll, provides a comprehensive and meticulous hardness testing experience. The digi test ll shore hardness tester» is a fully automated hardness testing instrument used to measure Shore, Micro, IRHD (international rubber hardness degree), and VLRH (very low rubber hardness) on a variety of elastomers and foam materials and is therefore largely operator independent. The measuring devices determine the Hardness of all elastic materials, polymers, and elastomers. Our digi test ll offers a complete solution for your hardness testing needs.

– Shore A, Shore D, Micro Shore A, IRHD M, or IRHD N Scales
Each material requires a specific hardness scale to measure its Hardness accurately. Shore A, Shore D, Micro Shore A, IRHD M, and IRHD N are standard scales used for hardness testing. Understanding the hardness scale suitable for your material is crucial to obtaining precise results.


Automatic Shore Hardness Tester

Our automatic shore hardness tester, the digi test ll, offers the maximum flexibility in hardness testing for elastomers, polymers, viscoelastic materials, composite materials, and foams. With a few simple steps and no tools required, the numerous measuring devices for Shore, VLRH, or IRHD can be easily swapped, allowing quick transitions between different measurement methods.



💡Many well-known brands widely adopt digi test ll hardness testing solutions in different industries worldwide!


Shore Hardness Tester Features and Benefits

1) User-Friendly: The digi test ll, an automatic shore hardness tester, is fully equipped with an electronic unit that shows user information, time, method of measurement, and much more.
2) Range of Measurement: This automatic shore hardness testing machine can measure the hardness of O rings, seals, rubbers, and plastics by making use of special measuring devices for which the fixtures can also be customized according to the sample that is to be tested.
3) Mechanism: The measuring devices have an easy plug-and-play solution with no complex mechanism. This automatic shore hardness tester can easily be fastened by hand using the knurled nut, and the electronic unit can easily detect the device once it is set up.
4) Special Features: The hysteresis function is available in Micro, IRHD, and VLRH methods, providing a better understanding of the results for further analysis.
5) Integrable in an automatic production process.


Our Shore Hardness Tester Weight and Dimensions

The complete digi test ll system weighs 25 kg and is not over 60 cm tall. Its compact size and light weight don’t compromise the structure’s robustness. Eighty percent of the system is made of high-quality aluminum alloys.


Your choice of using digi test ll with or without PC

The digi test ll can work as a standalone system. The electronic unit not only controls the system but also provides basic testing information with its large LCD display. When more sophisticated data analysis and test report preparation are required, a PC in combination with software can be considered.





Hardness Tester Calibration Certificate and Services


💡Bareiss was Germany’s very first DAkkS calibration laboratory for Hardness Testing on Rubber and Plastics!


Official ISO/17025 accredited calibration certificates are available for exchangeable measuring devices. Depending on the calibration rhythm you have specified, as an exceptional service from Bareiss, you will receive an automatic reminder that your hardness tester is due to be calibrated soon. You will usually receive the reminder approximately one month before the due date. When purchasing a new device, this reminder initially occurs annually but can be set to the desired interval.





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