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HDA 150 – Automated hardness and Density Tester

HDA 150 – Automated hardness and Density Tester

The HDA 150 is an automated hardness and density tester. This automated system performs hardness tests on a multiple number of samples with a digital Shore A durometer. Followed by the hardness tests, the system continues with the density test and samples are disposed automatically.


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    Hardness and density measurements on soft rubber, natural rubber products, etc. 


    DIN ISO 7619, DIN EN ISO 868, ASTM D 2240Density acc. ISO 2781, DIN EN ISO 1183-1, ASTM D1817

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  • DAkkS/DKD Calibration Certificate - Bareiss North AmericaDAkkS/DKD Calibration Certificate
    When a measuring instrument is being calibrated, the given deviation is determined by various measurements versus standard references. A calibration certificate is then issued indicating the measuring results and the corresponding measurement uncertainties and the instrument is marked as calibrated.All documents together with the calibration certificate provide traceability of national standards.
    DAkkS/DKD calibration certificate - Sample